Friday, October 7, 2011

Everything you never wanted to know about me

Have you met Loz? In case you haven't, she is all kinds of awesome. I always love a good Ninja story, as two things will happen - I will read and nod my head as I think Loz and I are pretty similar, and I will laugh as she has a great sense of humor and isn't afraid to show it!

  1. At school I was known as Curnz after an episode of The Simpsons. I still get called it by school friends, much to my disgust (and change of surname). 
  2. I didn't enjoy being pregnant for 37 weeks. I think I managed to enjoy 3 weeks around 19 weeks, but it was all downhill from there. I thought I would love it, and tried to convince myself that I did, but on reflection, I didn't.
  3. On a car trip longer than half an hour I must have something to eat. Doesn't matter what, an apple, chewing gum or something sweet, it must go into my mouth.
  4. A lot of people don't like my boss in my office. I secretly think she is awesome and just don't speak up as I don't want them to not like me because of it.
  5. My mum breastfed me until I was 3 and a half years old. I think that is weird and not something I would do.
  6. I remember the most inane things, yet can't remember my own phone number most days. Knowing my mobile number would be handy, knowing what I wore on our first date 8 years ago is not.
  7. My first word was 'puss', much to my mothers disgust.
  8. I consumed more alcohol prior to turning 18 than I have since I turned 19 (and I am now 27).
  9. I have a huge fear of anything happening to Eliza. The recent train accident has me running scared, and don't get me started on pools.
  10. I wasn't qualified for my last job and they still gave it to me (without lying about my qualifications). I think they set their expectations too low, but am not complaining.

 I never really know who to tag for these kinds of things, so I am putting it out there that everyone does it and we all learn about each other. Or you could just pretend you didn't know these 10 facts about me and continue drinking your coffee. Either one.
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