Tuesday, October 11, 2011

To Buy or Not To Buy: Pumps

Despite not wanting to, I seem to have brought A LOT of baby stuff. Somethings have been great, others not so great. I always found other peoples reviews interesting, so I thought I might have a crack at it too.

In the first three months, we loved our Medela Swing breast pump: I ummed and ahhed over buying or hiring a pump, and eventually decided to buy one. My chemist has a 90 day exchange policy, so I figured if I didn't use it within 2 months I would return it and get my money back. I figured that was a decent length of time to either get breastfeeding established, or to have thrown the towel in and be using formula (nothing wrong with either, just my preference was with breastfeeding).

Within three days of being home the box was open and I was pumping away thanks to an oversupply of milk. I now use it daily to express a feed just before bed, which becomes our freezer store. I like that the speed is variable, so I can increase pressure as needed, as well as the let down mode to gently get things moving. I also liked that there is a firm and soft cup in the box, as I preferred the soft cup in hospital.

Every now and then it throws a hissy fit and won't suction properly for no reason, but I find that turning it on and off again fixes that problem. It was expensive, however it is money I don't regret spending, as it has saved my behind more than once in the last few months, and I would do it again in a heartbeat. That said, if I wasn't sure I wanted to breastfeed, or knew I could breastfeed, I would hire one. It was the long refund period that had me sold.

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  1. I'm so glad you wrote this post! I had a pretty tough time BF with my first son and I really wanted to have hubby be able to give him a bottle of EBM to give me a break. Now with #2 on his way I'm definitely going to look at this pump!

  2. Hi April! Just want to say I love your blog and just spent the afternoon trawling through your old posts. Congrats on your beautiful little girl!

  3. April- I have pumped exclusively for the last 9 months. I have a medela lactina select on loan from a local breastfeeding support office bc my son was born with a condition that prevented him from being able to breastfeed (Called Pierre Robin) Henry has not had formula at all! I am all for doing whatever works best for you, but I am kind of proud to have made it this far. :) I <3 Medela products and I have wanted the pump you have but alas I am broke and am eternally grateful for the pump that I have at my disposal. I hope you and yours are doing well.


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