Friday, April 27, 2012

Finishing Tasks: Dog Kennel

 When we brought Gus the German Shepard home we built him a kennel and run. That was in 2007.

It still isn't finished.

I got as far as putting one coat of paint on the weatherboards before I got bored. One coat in 5 years when I have painted numerous other weatherboards on the house. The shame.

So it looked like this

Enough was enough, and out came the pressure washer. Oh my, I am ashamed of these photos. I never thought it was that grubby.

The inside for washed down too, as 5 years worth of dog dirt and fur wasn't overly attractive.

A quick two coats of paint and it is looking much spiffier. If we were going to stay in this house I had grand plants of adding some trim and lining it all out, but alas we aren't, so I won't. But it looks much better now.

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  1. Gus must really appreciate his newly renovated and cleaned lovely home <3

    So cute.



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