Monday, April 2, 2012


Our mailbox was an ugly thing. So ugly that I don't think I ever took a photo of it. I couldn't even find a photo where it was in the background. So you will have to imagine. It was an old rusted basic mailbox that in an attempt to make pretty I painted to match the house. It sat on a massive red gum pole that once upon a time held up this fence
Pretty sure that is one of the earlier pictures of our house. Pretty, wasn't it?!?

So anyway, one night I went to check the mail and it was on the doorstep. Kinda odd, as our postie is lazy at the best of times. I forgot about it and went back inside. The next day it was the same thing, however I thought I would check for the paper too.

And that's when I discovered it. Our mailbox was missing. Some idiot had taken off with our crappy mailbox! Why you would steal our crappy mailbox and not our neighbours nice mailbox is beyond me.

So, we needed a mailbox quickly. It turns out mailboxes are expensive! Just a plain one like we had was $40! A fancy one was around $250. So I turned to my good friend, ebay.

Lady Luck must have been smiling on me that day, as I found a local seller who made mailboxes and they were having a scratch and dent sale. He had a phone number listed so I rang up wanting to know if I could get the husband to pick it up that afternoon. He was a lovely man who was not only going to be in his shed that afternoon for us to pick it up, he was going to sell it to us for $100!!! The company he sells them to sells them for $299!!!

I have looked over the mailbox in many different lighting conditions, and I can't find the dents or scratches in it. It looks pretty perfect to me.

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