Monday, April 16, 2012

Sticks and Stones

The stones in our outdoor area have haunted me for years. Seven years to be exact. I never liked them, but could never justify spending the money to concrete the space either. So they were a little worse for wear, with scattered bark and leaves and patches.

 We recently had a real estate agent visit, and he suggested updating the space, thinking it would be a couple of hundred dollars. How wrong he was. When I told him the cost, and said that I would love to, but doubted it would make that much difference to the sale price he agreed with me. However we decided to spend a couple of hundred dollars on new stones.

2 cubic metres (ie a shit load of rocks) and a very hot sweaty morning later we had moved all the rocks into the outdoor area. It's made a huge difference and it looks just a little bit neater in there now.

We also picked up half a cubic metre of bark chips to freshen up all the garden beds. Thankfully it was a lot easier to shovel into place than the stones.

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