Monday, April 9, 2012

Kitchen Clean Up

A little while back I went through a declutter phase. I cracked the poos about not being able to fit something into the freezer and it was on like Donkey Kong. The kitchen was my number one enemy and I am pleased to say I won.
 All of our bulk meat went into large containers so I could easily find the mince/chicken/pork/steak.

The bottom drawer, which was overflowing went on a supreme make over. I wish I took a before photo, as it was a disgusting mess.
Sistema should sponsor me, I went through so many containers doing this. It is actually a little different now, I changed a few containers around to make it fit better. The tool box is now a bigger container to fit everything in without a Masters Degree, and the instruction books for the oven and dishwasher are now in the top cupboard as they never get used.

I also attacked the cleaning goods drawer. In its previous life it spaned the drawer and the cupboard under the sink. I threw out many products that we don't use, and condensed the rest. We now have a tub for the shoe cleaning goods, a container for the dishwasher tablets, another container for sponges, steel wool and chux. It all fits rather nicely now.

To finish off my ramage I hung hooks in the rangehood cupboard for the pot holders to hang off, but it turns out that 3M hooks don't stick overly well to our cupboard doors, and they fell down within a day.
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  1. Oh that looks great! I desperately need to do this at my house. xx

  2. Your fridge organisation looks amazing!!! I see you've got some frozen leftovers :)

    You should share with us some of your favourite freezable recipes :)


  3. That fridge picture must have been terribly old, as there is a whole heap of milk at the top, and I haven't breastfed in 5 months!

    I think there was spaghetti sauce, left overs and quiche in there, but I can't remember. I do have a good meatballs recipe to share at some point though.


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