Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Spare Room - The Beginning

Being the last room to be renovated in our house means that we notice how shabby it really does look in there. This is what it looked like when I finished spring cleaning

So here is the plan:
* Remove the 50 year old floral carpet. Oh what a shame, I do love that carpet, with its 50 years worth of dust and germs in it.
* Strip all the masonite from the walls
* Remove the window, and replace it with a double hung double window (same as the one in the master bedroom)
* Replace a few weatherboards that are looking a bit shabby on the outside
* Put noggins in the wall joists
* Build a small robe behind the door
* Lower the ceiling from 12 foot to 9 foot.
* Insulate the walls
* Upgrade the electrics. This room seriously only has one single plug power-point in it. The bedside lamps and phone are just for show! The husband, being a sparky, will put in more power-points, downlights and a ceiling fan.
* New plaster
* New paint
* New carpet
* New curtains

Hopefully this room will be relatively straight forward, and cause minimal disruptions to our lives, given we don't use this room. Fingers crossed
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