Monday, June 21, 2010

Spring Cleaning: First Aid

Once upon a time, I studied nursing at university. It wasn't the career for me, so I finished up after my second year. But not before I stocked up my first aid kit!

Two years later, this is the mess I was left with (plus a pile of stuff down the bottom of the cupboard)

It just wouldn't do. Bandaids were in with tablets, and you could bet your last dollar that the item you are looking for is at the bottom of the container. So one week Woolies had a sale on their containers, and I found two that would be suitable.

The new containers work well. Tablets are in the small container (though I do need to get another container, as this one only just fits everything), and all the bandaids and dressings are in the bigger container.

Another spring cleaning task competed!

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