Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Weight Loss Update - May

Another kind of me...the MVM kind!

Woot, finally I can see a difference in the MVM model! I have been able to see a difference in myself for a while now, but I like the justification of the cartoon!

Weight wise I am down 39.9kg, giving me a mere 10.1kg to go! I am currently wearing size 16 Levi's, however they are getting a little big, and I will soon have to investigate buying a smaller size. It is a pain that they don't make Levi's in a 15, as when I tried on the 14's there wasn't a great deal of room for breathing (or eatting). Tops I will be in a 16 for some time, damn you massive breasts! You make life too hard somedays. I have found that I can wear 14's in some brands, currently I am sitting here in a size 14 jumper which is comfortable, and size 14 trackies (Adidas) which are a bit baggy. Nothing 10 minutes in the dryer can't fix though. I have also found I can fit into the few clothes I have kept from my skinny days.

Food wise I am battling on. Since getting sick in March, I have had .6ml removed, taking me back to 4.6ml. I still struggle to eat some foods, but least I can keep enough down to get me by. I have found I have to eat frequent small meals, rather than 3 larger meals a day. I have given up on eating bread all together, same with most pastas. I can eat really skinny pasta if it is broken up enough, and I chew chew chew! With my weight loss, it seems I have lost some of my sweet tooth too. In the past I couldn't keep chocolate in our pantry for longer than a week, whereas there is currently a whole heap of the stuff (my step-sister gave me a chocolate hamper for christmas) in there that has barely been touched.

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  1. My gosh..well done! That's a massive achievement! You must be so happy with the results :) I know, I wish there was a size 15 jean too..would be perfect!

  2. You should be so proud of your achievements! I am guessing you had stomach band surgery? Have you tried slow cooking foods like meat and stuff? makes it very soft and easy to digest. I do it when my braces get tightened cause its too painful to chew! Keep at it your almost at your goal weight!

  3. Thanks guys :)

    Melissa, I tried slow cooking, but I find a lot of meats come stringy, and cause me more dramas than a solid lump of steak! But thankyou for the suggestion.

  4. That's such a fantastic effort! Good job :)

  5. You look gorgeous! But you should know that already, since beauty comes from within!

  6. Your photograph is saying lot without reading article. I really like your dedication for one year in which you reduced your weight.


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