Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Birthday Gifts - Part 2

Now for the big reveal of what was in the bag.

I was given open slather in Tiffany's, but bypassed the diamonds. As much as one can dream, I want a new house more than I want a massive diamond. Not that I am a huge diamond person anyway, so I guess that is a moot point.

There were several things on my list to look at, a bangle, a silver ring, and a necklace.

The bangle was too small to go over my massive fist (thanks dad, I have man-hands). The ring wasn't in my size in store (and I am saving it for a christmas present ;) ). And the necklace, well I am saving it for either another present idea, or a certain anniversary to match the earrings I received for our second anniversary.

I was begining to feel deflated, the one time the husband willingly takes me to Tiffany's and nothing feels 'right'. And off of a sudden I saw it. The cuff bangle I have wanted since 2003 when I first fell in love with Tiffany's.
It was love at first feel. It's neither too heavy nor too light. It doesn't clunk on the desk when I type at work (a pet hate of mine), and it fitted over my massive fist thanks to it being a cuff. I couldn't imagine my wrist without it now!

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  1. So so pretty! I love it, and now I want one!


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