Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Birthday Gifts

Given that the husband was given a very short list of what I would have liked, and I went to the shops to chose it myself *, it was no suprise that I ended up with this baby on my birthday**

It is a Philips GC4420 and I have named him Grapple. I do not regret this purchase, it has made ironing a dream. Seriously, I hunted out more of the husbands workshirts (which I usually avoid like the plague). That is how much I love my new iron. It has this handy little steam tip, which I shrugged my shoulders at when my mum told me about it, but having used it on workshirts, with a million and one buttons, I can see its benefit.

And to go with my new iron my mum brought me a new ironing board, a Hills Caprice. I have complained about our ironing board ever since the husband and I moved in together. I suspect that it came from the 1970's with how much it squeeked when using it. The foam was non-existant, to the point where I had old towels under the cover. After a couple of years I discovered you can buy replacement foam and felt, and put both of those under the cover. But it just wasn't enough. It  was small, and required Army like precision to iron a pair of pants. And lets not go there when you want to iron a yard of material for a sewing project. Not an issue now! This is the biggest ironing board I could find without being an industrial board.

All in all, it was a good day!

* The husband had my ok to let me chose my own gift, as it was one of those situations where if he got something different (which lets face it, this iron was different to the one I chose) it probably wouldn't have got the right one, and I would be stuck with an iron I hate. Irons are like shoes people, you need the right fit!

** "Birthday" is a losely used in this post, meaning it may or may not have been presented to me the week before my birthday when I was doing the washing. Pin It

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