Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hall Table

Last week was a cruddy week in our house. A funeral, End of Financial Year, family issues and just an overall flat out week, left me feeling very deflated by the time Saturday rolled around.

I needed cheering up, and with one friend overseas (which I am insanely jealous about!) and my BFF in Melbourne with her babies (which are doing extreamly well - I am so proud!) I needed some therapy. Retail Therapy.

Now, given that I have hit the shops pretty hard the last few weeks, shoes and clothes weren't going to cut it. It needed to be something different. Something foreign. Something like IKEA!  Which was handy, as I had been compiling a list of things I need from Ikea for a few weeks. Including my hall table, which I had been harping on about for some time.

I came home with these little gem:

In its proper Swedish Ikea life it is a shoe storage, but in our house it is used as a place to store the phonebook (the husband won't let me throw it out, and insists on using it rather than the online version), random cables to the camera and other identified objects, and of course, a place to sit the mail of an evening before it is opened. As our hallway is so narrow, a normal halltable wouldn't fit, and this one is the perfect width!

What do you think?

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  1. April, I love it! It looks terrific and it fits perfectly! I think it's great to use things other than what they were originally designed for. Well done!

  2. Thanks Lesley. I was wondering how many people use it as a shoe storage device, as it's not something I have ever thought about buying. However it makes a perfect hall stand...even hubby is impressed.


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