Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Spring Cleaning: Pantry

Our pantry has never been a disaster zone, however it was in need of some improvements. Starting with finding where the pasta disappeared to, as it hasn't been seen for weeks.

I forgot to take a before photo, but here is the after

I want the husband to alter the shelves at some point, to raise the shelf that the Tupperware containers are on, so that we can fit the water filter in the cupboard, seeing as though I made such a song and dance about putting a powerpoint in the pantry. It would be a lot easier if the middle shelf wasn't fixed in place, and adjustable like all the other shelves!

Plus, I think more Tupperware is in order, another MM Rectangle 2 for my baking goods, another Mini Rectangle 2 for some biscuits, and a larger container for the pasta, as it never fits a whole packet in there!
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  1. For half a second I thought that was the before picture. I just about died. It looks so lovely and organised.

  2. It is lovely to use, and to be able to find stuff in there. I tried baking at my mums house the other day, and it was horrendous!

    Remind me one day to introduce you to my linen press.

  3. I am having some kind of joy moment looking at these it babe!
    Mez xx


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