Friday, July 9, 2010

What I love about winter

I love winter. Not only because it is my birthday, but because it means wood fires, warm jackets, and flannie jammies!

Sometimes, all at the same time!

Ok, that was a lie, I hate making my winter jacket smell like smoke! But I do come home of a night and put on my flannies, slippers, and place my bottom in front of our wood heater. And there is nothing that warms my heart like new jarmies. Which is why I have brought these three pairs, in as many weeks.

It started with my leopards when I arrived in Melbourne and realised I forgot my jarmies on a cold winters night! A trip to Peter Alexander was in order.

And then there was the trip to Melbourne to see my bestie and her litter, where I needed something to perk myself up. Zebra's were calling my name.

Until I saw the leopards. And then it was a 10 minute debate about which one's a I wanted more. I reasoned with myself, and decided to get the pants in both (the zebra's were originally a set). Unfortunately all the medium leopards were sold out :(

Bring on a week of stalking the Peter Alexander website three times a day, until I saw them in all their glory. And they were in my cart quicker than you can say 'jack rabbit swift'.

Now it is a debate over which pair to wear each night!

So what about you? Do you have a favourite pair of jammies? Tell me about them!
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