Friday, February 18, 2011

Cat Kennel

Remember when we started building a Cat Kennel way back in August? Well since then it has sat on our back veranda looking like this

 Seriously, for 5 months I haven't bothered to putty up those holes, or put the capping on the roof. And despite the amount of times the paint brushes have been brought out, it never got past the undercoat stage.

I was looking for an excuse to go to Bunnings a few weeks back, and remembered we were low on house paint. Bingo! Several other items later, I left with my tin of paint and some putty, ready to finish the kennel. Ahhh, nice white (Dulux Chalk USA) kennel.

Our original plan was to make it like a mini house, and with our house going under some minor transformations, we decided to paint the trim of the kennel in the colour we plan to paint the trim on the house.

And thats where the kennel ended. So far it has been the cheapest building project in our household, using mainly left over materials from other projects. Best of all, the animals seem to love it in there!

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  1. Looks great I had to click on our old post to find out what you ment by cat kennel, what a good idea.


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