Monday, February 28, 2011

Front Door cont...

This is what our front door looks like when I finished planting two new plants a few weeks back. It was still blue, which we had decided to paint over for a fresher look.

On a hot summers morning I decided it was time to paint the front door. So I repainted all the white and was just about to start painting the panels when the husband had a genius idea of leaving the centres of each panel white. I love how he comes up with ideas that are incredibly fiddly for everyone but him!

So I decided it was his job to strip the paint off each centre. Unfortunately for my scheming, he pulled out the belt sander and made it a 5 minute job! Drat, I thought that would have taken him hours!

 Eventually he left me with 4 lovely wood centres.

After a few hours spent cursing the world of Watyl paint that goes gluggy really quickly, I ended up with this result.

Pretty chuffed with myself. I painted each of those centres freehanded, and managed to make very few stuff-ups along the way. I am loving the new look for our front door. The husband was right, the painted centres do lift the look of the door.

The next day I bribed the husband into painting the front of the house, which my cunning way of making him paint the door frame, rather than having to do it myself. I was given the task of painting the panels on each side of the door after my stellar freehand effort. Hmph! Am still yet to do that though.

Now to have the glass replaced to lovely clear glass.

I have plans to paint the step the same grey colour as the trim, and the windows will be the same colour again.
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  1. What a clever pair you are.
    The finished product is stellar and really adds to the stylish feel of your home.

    Looking forward to the next installment,

    Felicity x

  2. This is looking nice. Front door looking nice than other.

  3. Wow, April, your new door looks fantastic!


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