Thursday, February 24, 2011

How my husband lit up my world

It doesn't take much these days, a few powerpoints, some lights and a fan, and I was his. Well least for the afternoon when it came to climbing up a ladder holding a tape measure.

Oh I do love the sight of a freshly installed Clipsal C2000 Series powerpoint! So white. So shiney. So electrically charged!

I should mention, for record keeping sake, the tanty I threw at one point about my previously much loved plasterer. When he arrived, all those months ago, I asked that he not cut the hole in the ceiling for the fan cables. We hadn't centred the cables, opting to do it after the plaster was up. We had previously found it easier to paint without a hole in the ceiling, and you know, hadn't decide on the location of the fan. I made it perfectly clear that we could get into the cavity of the ceiling, and would be doing so to install the air-con vent, so it wasn't a major thing.

Imagine my suprise when I came home to find a hole in my ceiling. Imagine the tanty I threw when it wasn't centre of the room, rather centre of the window - which wasn't centre of the room!

It wasn't a huge thing, but it meant that now the lights are in a rather odd location, not being square from each wall. Not impressed plasterer, not impressed.
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