Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Great Pram Debate of 2011

This debate will go down in history as the one that caused many long and heated discussions in our household.

On the left we have the husband who votes for the Baby Jogger City Select in black.

On the right we have the baby and I rooting for the Bugaboo Cameleon. ( I am taking charge of the babies vote given it is the one kicking me constantly)

My requirements in a pram were pretty simple, it had to be a four-wheeler, easy to steer, able to fit through checkouts at the supermarket, and ideally it would have a bassinet attachment for a newborn. We like that both prams allow the baby to either face the parent, or the world and that it was easy enough to change the seating based on our requirements at any given point in time.

We own a small hatchback, a Toyota Corolla, and space is an issue. We did what everyone suggested and took ourselves to a large baby store and tried pushing them, along with many others, around and in the boot of our car.

This is what we came up with

Baby Jogger City Select

Bugaboo Cameleon

From that, the Baby Jogger looks like a clear winner, but there are some downfalls. The frame weighs a couple of kilos more, which I could notice when lifting it up into the car. It also requires the wheel to be removed before the hatch will actually close, which whilst easy enough to do, could get annoying REALLY QUICKLY!

Although it looks like the Bugaboo takes up more room, I am pretty sure I could have packed it better. According to a bit of googling, if you put the chair in first, and then the frame, like below, it would be more compact, even with the wheels left on.

Both prams have things we didn't like. I am not a fan of look of the Baby Jogger, it seems very masculine to me. I wasn't a fan of the carry basket (not shown) on the Bugaboo. If we were to design a pram it would be a complete mishmash of several prams on the market (the Bugaboo with its light frame, the Baby Jogger with it's 17 different seating combinations, the Strider Plus with it's massive basket, the ease of folding of the Peg Perego Skate and the convertible bassinet/seat of the Silver Cross Surf).

After a week of debate, the jury is still trying to come to a verdict, however I think I will win on this one, even if it is only because I will be the one placing the order ;)
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  1. Make sure you push it around to look and the length of your step and whether you kick the bottom of the pram with your stride. Usually happens to the men-folk. When you get on to high chairs... do yourself a favour and consider the Ikeas one. Easy to clean and the bubs can see out of it even when they are little which means thay are very h-a-p-p-y to sit (or slouch depending on the age) good luck!!

  2. Good advice Martha! We found that a lot of prams had a really short step for the husband (who is rather tall).

    Highchairs we are leaving for a few months, mainly because it all seems too hard right now LOL

  3. Don;t buckle go the'll regret it if you don't I promise....other wise you'll end you'll end up with pram envy...I think you should go with a high chair that reclines back and you can start using it without the tray as a chair from about 10 weeks...all my kids loved being up high watching as I was doing stuff....also bumbo is great too....there is so much cool stuff to buy LOL

  4. I dont know if this helps any but I had a pram from Target, it was a jogger & then you could buy a matching car seat/ capsule that clipped into the pram so there was no need to wake the baby lifting them from car to pram, it was fantastic as I have other children & didnt have to wake my baby for preschool pick ups & drop offs!!


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