Friday, February 4, 2011

Shopping for Baby

Last November I went shopping online during the Black Friday sales at Gymboree, and scored Gymbucks. Now for those who aren't in the know, Gymbucks are basically free money that you get to spend during a designated sale period. Awesome, I am rewarded with more goods just for buying something.

Finally, it was time to claim my Gymbucks, in the form of $25 off every $50 I spent. I had my cart well stocked for weeks before the sale, just so I wouldn't forget what I wanted. Also made for a quicker shopping experience at work one boring lunch time.

Here is what I ordered this time around for a little boy
and for a little girl

Clearly a lot more for a little boy this time around, but that makes up for my last lot of shopping where it was mainly girl based.

PS - I am buying both genders for our baby, as I don't know what we are having. I figure with 3 friends all due within 10 weeks after I am, one of them has to have the opposite gender to my baby! Surely... Pin It


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