Thursday, April 28, 2011

Change Table

When I first started planning our babies room, I decided I wanted a Hemnes dresser to be used as a change table. But as we didn't have carpet, there wasn't much point in buying it right away.

Eventually I got my carpet, which meant a trip to Ikea.

Turns out that pregnant women really shouldn't think that they are capable of lifting and building flatpack furniture at 9pm at night. They make silly mistakes and install parts backwards without realising till the very end. Doh!

But I did manage to get the Ikea Hemnes chest built and installed
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  1. Lookin' good April. The smaller Hemnes is much better than the massive 8 drawer one

  2. That's exactly the same set of drawers we have in Grace's nursery for the same purpose. I have a change mat on top with a box of creams and lotions etc. I think it's a great idea rather than buying a separate change table. I remember the hassle of collecting it/helping to assemble it whilst pregnant :)

  3. Looking lovely.

    I went to Ikea by myself to buy the massive Hemnes drawers when I was about 38 weeks pregnant. Luckily DH helped me build it but I did decide it would be a good idea to push and pull it down the hallway to our bedroom (we built it in the loungeroom) by myself... All was going well until it got stuck in the hallway and I had tot ake the top off and clamber over it to fit it through the doorway... seriously, pregnancy hormones are weird. Not sure why it HAD to be done that day....

  4. Oh thank god it isn't just me who insists on doing DIY things whilst pregnant! The husband almost had a fit when he discovered I built it by myself and lugged it around. I haven't quite got around to telling him about how I stood the bookcase up - some things he just doesn't need to know.

  5. I went into labour in Ikea so I can't talk, good luck getting ready for your baby.

  6. Hehe April. What they don't know won't hurt them!


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