Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Changing Houses for Clothes

I am changing out my regular house stalking this week for clothes stalking instead, just in case you want a bargain too!

I recently started to think about packing my hospital bag, deciding on what to put in it. Don't get me wrong, I am diva who thinks that post birth will equal high society fashion, but I wanted something that I was comfortable in that looked nice too for photos.

So for my hospital bag I decided on some black yoga pants, some basic singlets and tops, and some cardigans. I am quite a fan of cardigans, and have many, but I wanted something new to wear that wasn't the same old thing I had been wearing for most of my pregnancy. Which was kind of handy, as good old Jeans West was having a sale on some of their styles - 2 cardigans for $50! How could I go wrong???

So I picked up the both of these,
(in peach and red) 
(in melon and cream)

So now my hospital bag is mostly packed, sitting in the office ready to go. The only thing missing is my new dressing gown that I am eyeing off for mothers day, and a pair of slippers from Peter Alexander.

And if you, just like me, are after something new and reasonably prices, hop on over to Jeans West and check out their sale, they had some quite nice things there for next to nix!
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  1. Good call on the cardi's! I too had yoga pants for hospital.. Worth their weight in gold!

  2. I loved yoga pants, basic singlets and cardigans for my two winter hospital stays for both my June bubs.

    Very cute cardies and lovely colours. SO exciting for you that you are at this stage of getting your bags ready!!


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