Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Being sick really does suck, especially when you can't take anything for it.

The lovely husband, being the caring sharing kind of man he is, nicely gave me his cold on Sunday night. Just what I always wanted - a cold when I can't take anything for it. Uncharacteristically, I called in sick, as I knew that I was better of spending the day home in bed resting.

The only thing about spending the day in bed, is that it is pretty boring when you are awake, so I moved myself to the lounge, but soon decided that bed was more comfortable, even if it was boring. Which is how my bedroom came to look pretty similar to my office

Thank goodness for iTunes content!
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  1. Get well soon!!! being sick + pregnant STInkS!!!

  2. Thanks Em. I woke up feeling semi human, but by the time I got halfway to work I was back to feeling shit. I only continued the drive as I am trying to train my replacement and time is quickly getting away from us. I came home at lunch time.

  3. Know exactly how you feel April. I'm home this week with the dreaded bug. It's defintely going around!! For me though? Thank Goodness for Bigpond football replays Hahaha


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