Friday, April 22, 2011

Showering the Baby

Last weekend my dearest best friend threw me the worlds most awesome baby shower.

Now I admit I wasn't sure what to expect, I am not really the games playing type. And I am the host who worries about every little thing, so having umpteen women in my tiny house was worrying me a little. But I was more than touched that my bestie was going to a huge amount of effort, despite having 3 children to look after, to plan this for me, so I slapped on my big girl panties and ordered some invites.

As we don't know the gender of our baby, I wanted something neutral, and I have a little bit of a green and orange obsession, so that set the theme for the shower. I scored the internet high and low (ie I went straight to Etsy) and found Sweet Bella Stationery, who was more than willing to customise a design to suit our theme.

The husband and I went on a massive cleaning spree, to partially calm my nerves about having so many people in my house, partially as we are in full swing nesting mode. We cleaned, we rushed to finish little tasks around the house, and then we cleaned some more.

And then when I got sick of cleaning, I baked. Which meant that it was the big day! I wish I had remembered to hand my camera to my dear photographer friend Kerry earlier in the day, as I have no photos of all the awesome games we played (which I loved by the way). Kerry did manage to capture the unwrapping of the million of presents that my friends so generously brought us.

Speaking of my dear friend Kerry, she picked up on a conversation that we had many months ago that went along the lines of "the husband won't let me buy a Gentle Giraffe,  so I must retaliate by buying everything else but!" And look what she brought me. I love him (and her) so much.

Our friends gave us so many lovely things, which I am so very grateful for. I never expected to get to this point in pregnancy, and to share this moment with the friends I love so dearly, was more than my emotions could handle.

So as a small token, I wanted to give thank you gifts to each of the lovely ladies that attended. I debated for many weeks what to give, eventually deciding on little jars of lollies. I was going to fill them with Skittles (my favourite candy of the moment) but it took far too many to fill those Ikea jars. Then it was Allens Freckles, but that was too tempting and I ate the test packets. And I didn't have the time to get to the bulk lolly store, and it would be too expensive to get them at the supermarket.

So I needed some sort of candy that was readily available, and reasonably priced when brought in bulk. Enter the humble solid mini easter egg!
Aren't they pretty all lined up with all their coloured foils? To top them off, I made little tags for each jar with a thank you message.

So there you go, I have made it to the stage in pregnancy where I had a baby shower, which now means we are on the homeward stretch. It is starting to get scary now :O
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  1. aww congratulations honey. You look beautiful and the easter egg jars are so pretty!

  2. Those jars look so cute! You ARE on the home stretch now, time to just sit back, relax, and soak in the moment.

  3. It was a beautiful shower, which you throughly deserved! Can't wait till the bub is actually here. :)

  4. Sounds like you had an amazing day. Congratulations and enjoy the home stretch xo

  5. Thanks Amy, I am starting to feel like a giant whale - I get stuck in tight spots when I don't judge my size properly.

    You and me both Kerry, you and me both! I am also looking forward to not being quite so familiar with my bathroom - my bladder is the size of a pea these days!


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