Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Tree

For the last 5 years the husband has refused to let me have a real christmas tree. I nagged and nagged, and he said when we had a baby we could have a real tree (at this point we weren't even engaged).

Well, now we have the baby, so to the christmas tree farm we went!
 With the perfect-est tree

 The nice man came and cut it down for us

 Eliza's first decoration.

It smells so pretty in our house these days.

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  1. The pram decoration is so cute. It's a gorgeous tree, so lush and green.

  2. What a lovely new Christmas tradition (and I bet it smells amazing!).

  3. Your Christmas tree is lovely - so perfectly formed. Does it smell nice too? I love your decorations and the colours you've gone with.

    As for the puzzle I posted about, it says 'tinkers' on the box and 'Giant Alphabet Floor Puzzle'. I think I saw 'tinkers' products in Big W the other day from memory. It's a great puzzle, would be a perfect gift.

  4. Love the tree! I've always had the faux (fake) variety so it was interesting to see the tree 'farm' and selection process too! Maybe next year...


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