Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Eliza - 6 months

Weight: 7.0kg
Height: 65.5cm

Feeding: After a few weeks of not being able to work out your bottles, as you would barely drink, we got it sorted and can usually get 4/5 full bottles into you a day. Moving to formula has continued well for both of us, and has reduced the stress level of the household greatly. This month also saw you have your first solid foods. Since then you have tried and liked everything we have put in front of you. The only thing you weren't a fan of was when we served you a jar of beef and vegetables. I tried a bit, and I don't blame you for turning your head at it. 

Sleeping: Oh how you are trying to wear Mummy down. Most nights I am up between 1 and 4am, and again at 6.30. We started you on a new routine that has set nap times during the day, and it seems to be worked well for us. The aim is to get you sleeping overnight with no wakings, but it doesn't seem to have made any difference to you at all. Ah well, it's not forever. {It took me many months to come to this acceptance}

Personality: We have taken to likening you to a cat, as you are temperamental and very cat like. You can be happy one moment and perfectly happy the next. You have started 'patting' the cat, however it looks to be more like yanking fur than patting. I don't think the cat is your biggest fan, but she does like it when you stroke her nicely, so she accepts it.

Everything you touch has to go in your mouth currently, no matter what it is. We have to watch you very carefully, as you will chew on anything, including your blankets!

Looks: *Sigh* you are still wearing your 000 onsies. We have well and truly got our value from them! It does mean that a lot of your summer clothes are a bit too big, but that doesn't matter. Your hair has thickened up and is now quite long at the back. Your fringe was starting to hand in your eyes, so we had your first hair cut this month, much to Mummies sadness - her little girl is growing up. 

Activities: This month you went to your cousins first birthday party which you cried for most of, as you had some terrible tummy pains. 

We went on your second trip to Ikea Richmond (third Ikea trip in total). You were slightly less perfect this time, spewing on yourself within 5 minutes of being there. We got what we needed and got out of there very quickly. You were asleep by the time we had reached the tollway.

This month also saw you spend two full days with Nanny K, as mummy had to go into a work for a few days. She said you cried for an hour for the first hour of your nap, however you were as good as gold after that. Mummy was terribly happy to see you each night when she got home - distance really does make the heart grow fonder.

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  1. It's funny that you liken Eliza to a cat. We liken Bubby to a puppy. An unruly little puppy.

  2. 6 months! I can't believe it :) she has grown so much. Aren't kids excellent on keeping us busy?!
    Loz x

  3. She is just gorgeous!


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