Monday, December 5, 2011

Let the light shine in

We are one step closer to finishing our veranda renovation - we removed the tin. It was actually a lot harder than we thought it would have been, as they were all linked together or something. I can't say I was paying that much attention due to sitting under a tree watching the husband work baby wrangling.

We are still debating if to have a bullnose or straight angled roof. I am leaning towards straight just because it would be cheaper, but bullnose would look better. We need to add some more timber beams to the frame and paint it, so we have time to make a decision.

I never realised how much light was being blocked by the roof, our hallway is so bright now! Apparently the flashing is going to be a bitch to fix, so we are on the quest to find a man to finish it. Suits me, as I want this done for Christmas and the weekends are running short. Of course, that means we need to find a man who can do the job quickly.

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  1. I think a straight roof would look lovely. It will mirror the line in the main room nicely, and I'm a sucker for simplicity and clean lines!

  2. I've just finished a renovation and my fellow blogger is just about to start. A big decision with the roof as it is the front of the house. Don't always make a decision based on price as after a few years the small difference in price won't matter and you will have to live with your choice.


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