Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Hair Clip Holder

Eliza has a lot of hair clips, as something is needed to tame her wild spike. (I refer it as her Stegosaurus spike, as a reference to her being 'Dino' when I was pregnant, and me being 'Pregosaurus").

Moving right along, her clips got tossed into a glass bowl on her dresser most days, but I found this was a breeding ground for other crap too, like her dummy, random tags off new clothes and other mundane things.

I wanted to get the bowl off her change table and onto the wall, and came up with a very simple idea that I had seen around the place.

I started with an Ikea Ribba frame and a scrap of material.

As the frame didn't come with a bit of cardboard, I cut out the required size from a nappy box I was about to put in the recycle bin.

Given I was doing this during nap times I had to be quick and quiet about it, so out came the quietest tool I could find: sticky tape. Pulling the fabric tight I secured the ends with tape.

For the corners I folded them over neatly and added more tape.

It looked a little like this after all four corners were done

Even Lucy cat 'helped'. She loves laying there watching the birds and gets rather cranky when I use the desk for office type jobs.

Once all the sides were taped up I had this:

To be able to attach the clips I needed ribbon to make a criss cross pattern with. Out comes the ribbon, and you guessed it, more tape.

To get the measurements I went from corner to corner, and then used the thickness of my ruler from the outside of the ribbon. By some odd bit of luck, it fitted perfectly!

I forgot to photograph this part (partly because Eliza woke up, partly because I am forgetful), but to stop any of the ribbons moving I sewed a few stitches in each of the ribbon joins. I went through the board and everything, but you could use push pins if you wanted.

All done!

Once I made this one I decided that I wanted to make it bigger, so next time I go to Ikea I will get a bigger frame and start all over again. For now it sits on her dresser.

So there you go, a quick and easy craft project that can be done in under 2 hours.
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  1. That looks great April! I think I need to make one for Miss O, well once she has enough hair to require clips ;) And it's even within my capabilities!

  2. What a great idea! It looks gorgeous. Thanks for sharing. Ange

  3. Great idea that can be adapted for many uses! I quite liked the sweet glass jar though, reminded me of an antique timber box (country style was de rigiour way back when) that I used for the same purpose for my girls when they were little.

  4. The glass jar was working for a bit, if I picked out the junk, but it is also my trifle dish, and well, it is trifle season! ;)


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