Friday, December 16, 2011

Social Media Secret Santa

This year the very lovely Telle from FatMumSlim arranged a Secret Santa for anyone with a blog or twitter, and I took part. Like most Secret Santas, we were each given a name of a fellow blogger to stalk and buy a present for.

My very lovely Secret Santa did an excellent job of stalking me, and brought a truely gorgeous gift.
 Even the postpak was pretty, everything was nicely wrapped with ribbon and it had baubles scattered in there as well.

As Eliza was napping I was able to wrap it in peace. I was given a wooden Home sign (that now lives on the bookshelf in the office), some chocolate sea shells (which now live in my tummy/on my thighs), a Glasshouse candle (my absolute favourite kinda that now lives in the office so I can smell it as I write this post) and some lethal body lotion and soap. Seriously this stuff should be illegal, it smells that good.

I want to thank my Secret Santa, I love the gifts you chose and look forward to finding out who you are.
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  1. OOh, lucky you! That wrapping is fantastic - what a lovely present to receive in the mail.xx

  2. What a lovely idea! Lucky you. I think your Secret Santa did very well. Ange

  3. The wrapping is so pretty I wouldn't want to unwrap it :).

  4. What great gifts- and that wrapping effort superb

  5. Oh Thank God I can comment now lol. I am so glad you liked the gifts hun and I hope you have a wonderful Chrissy with your gorgeous family xxx


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