Friday, November 6, 2009

Blogging Awards

I am a terrible blogger. I have received a few of these in the past few months, and have not officially accepted them. Naughty April!

Apooki sent me this lovely award, so I think it's time I passed on the torch

Anyway to keep this award growing I need to follow some rules:
1) Copy the picture and post it on your blog.
2) Thank the person that gave it to you and link to their blog.
3) Write 7 things about yourself we don't know.
4) Choose 7 other bloggers to pass the award to.
5) Link to those 7 other bloggers.
6) Notify your 7 bloggers. So my 7 picks are: 

Now, 7 things about me
*I have 3 scars within my belly button
*I was bitten on the face by a dog when I was 4.
*I love magazines
*I am fearful of becoming a bogan
*I had black hair when I was born
*I remember a lot of things, mainly crappy things, but I could not tell you what I had for dinner last night
*My mum is the most inspirational person I know

So there you go. Check out my listed blogs, they are all lovely people :)

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  1. Oh no you were bitten by a dog on the face? How terrible!

  2. yeah, I was. There isnt much of a scar left now, it has faded a fair bit, but I still see it. I am still a bit funny around big dogs though


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