Friday, November 27, 2009

The veranda renovation

Our veranda was starting to look pretty shabby. We had planned to pave it a few weeks back, but we had a massive amount of rain, which put a stop to that plan.

So we planned to do it this Sunday gone. But it rained. And put an end to that plan.

So Monday was the day. So we started with this

And with the help of a mates tractor (and my stepdad to weigh down the grader blade) we moved the stupid pile of dirt
Until we ended up with this

Now I must admit, I did very little, husband did majority of the work. All I really did was clean the tiles with dishwashing liquid and a broom. We still have a few things to do. Like cut pavers that wouldn't fit in the gaps. And to trim down the drain pipe and replace it with a square pit. The grey matting will be trimmed (it's geo-matting if you are interested, and is awesome. it drains water, but weeds can't grow through it!) and there is a garden bed going in between the last two posts in the coming days.

And to buy this bench from Bunnings, for under the window.

I am thinking of some nice bright cushions, some potted plants, a book and a big tropical cocktail :)
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  1. Love the bench (and the verandah is not too shabby either!) I have to get one for myself...


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