Monday, November 16, 2009

Kitchen Aid Accessories

Recently I baked a cake (shock horror I know!) And for the first time ever, my Kitchen Aid shit me up the wall. I had to keep stopping and scraping down the bowl. Honestly, who designed that feature?

So, on a google search tonight, I found Side Swipe Blade

Now to find me one in Australia!

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  1. I have a kitchen aid ONLY because I got it for $25 when my sister had a garage sale, yes I totally took advantage of her but I do not feel too bad because I HATE the stupid thing! I grew up with a bosch mixer and i LoVE that, the kitchen aid is just one lesson in frustration after another, its too narrow to dump things into and it is NOT bread making friendly. But it looks so cute on my counter top. ;-) it is a good cookie maker

  2. You can get some blades here, my Mum brought me one for my bday, although i think she ordered it online. I will try to find out the link. It arrived within 3 days!

    The scraper blade does make it much easier, although it makes HEAPS of noise. But it certainly takes the hassle out of baking a cake!!

    I LOVE my kitchen aid lol... Although i will admit that a good old fashioned sunbeam is a nostalgic favourite too!

  3. Oh Janna, if you could find out where I can get one locally it would be awesome.

    Em, I can't beleive you hate your KA! I love mine to bits. Though, before KA's we only had the two beater kind of mixer which was crap, so that probably helps!


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