Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Gift Inspiration: Little Boys

With two nephews now, I need to start looking at the little boy gifts as well as little girls. So when I found a picture Cocoon Couture Beanbag I thought I could store it up my sleve for a gift idea...and promptly forgot about it until I was going through old photos. And as luck will have it, they are still in business, and are going to be at Mathilda's Market next month!

If, however you don't have a little boy, there is an adorable owl beanbag for a little girl (I pity my credit card the day I have a baby girl, there are waaaay to many things on my list of wants for my daughter!)
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  1. You have the cutest things on here! Hmm, maybe I should have you come remodel my kids' bedrooms and update their closets... : )


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