Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Christmas Decorations...yes, more!

So whilst on the hunt for office furniture I found these decorations. I love them all, for someone who isnt having a tree, I sure do have a collection of decorations.

But I am thinking of putting these in the office as a decoration.

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  1. Oh I laughed at your comment on my blog, when you said your contractor said 'who cares' about fancy cornices. My plumber told me to consult him next time before I choose fancy sinks and he'll point me in the direction of the ones that are easiest for him to install. Never mind about aesthetic! Yobbos! A-M xx Gorgeous decorations by the way!

  2. lol, honestly, what do these tradies think we are paying them for??? I dont care if it is harder for you to install, i presume you will charge me more for the pleasure of pretty looking things!

  3. Thankyou so much April, I've been on the hunt for aqua tree deco's to go with my current pink and white ones!! Will definintely be stopping in to Freedom and Myer this week! Woohoo!


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