Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Happy Band-day

So the 11th of August marked the anniversary of my banding. And to celebrate the occasion, I thought it would be awesome to lay on an operating table with the same surgeon, the same anaesthetist, at the same hospital.

Ok, so that wasn't how I was planning on celebrating the day. I planned on going to work and spending it like any other day, however I will do anything for a day off work, including having a slipped band and hiatus hernia. But enough on that, all was fixed and I am on the mend again.

So I thought we might take a trip down memory lane. This photo was when I went to see P!nk in concert in May 2009.
Ok, it's not the best photo, but you get the idea. Basically in this photo I weighed close to 120kg, was  a size 22, and incredibly uncomfortable in my own skin.

And here I am in June 2010 at the husbands graduation, weighing close to 80kg (it was the closest photo I could find to August), wearing a size 12-14 dress, feeling somewhat comfortable in my own skin. Granted I think the dress sizing was pretty screwy, as I have only just started wearing size 14 jeans.

I still have a little way to go, I want to lose another 10 to 15kgs, to get me into what my doctor considers a healthy weight range (I personally want to lose another 10kg just because that was always my goal, to lose 50kg).

Despite having been sick recently, and having to have my band removed due to my hernia, I don't regret my choice for a moment. The band has changed my life in so many ways. I never imagined I would have lost 40kg in a year, I thought I would maybe lose 15kg, 20 if I was super dooper lucky. I never knew that losing weight would rid my body of the lactose and oil intolerance's that I had. I never ever thought I would wear skirts and knee high boots in public, especially to work. The confidence boost I received from losing weight is huge!

And just so we are clear, I made it clear to my surgeon that I will not be repeating this tradition for my second anniversary next year. It was a one time only event!
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  1. You have done amazingly well April! I have a band too (since Jan 2008).

    You're looking amazing and should be so proud of yourself! Way to go! :) x

  2. Congratulations April, you are an inspiration! My sister recently had the band also, and is looking great. Gorgeous photo of you and your hubby. Keep up the positive and the effort. Have a lovely week.
    Rebecca x

  3. Chantel I didn't know you had a band. How are you going with it?

    Thanks Rebecca, I hope your sister continues to have great sucess with it.

  4. You look so brilliant! You have done so well - very inspiring :)

  5. Hi April, it isn't really working for me! LOL. The first year I didn't loose any weight. I stopped going to the Dr because he was an asshole (to put it politely)...

    I went back this year and they discovered my band was too tight. No kidding! It had air in it? and released it and it was wonderful for a few months. I need to go back because it seems to have got very tight again. I'm going to get ALL the fill taken out (I never ever got much put in, I think only 1 fill?). I think it's great for people who it has worked for but for me, what it did was really mess up my relationship with food. I could bearly eat 'normal' food so lived on chips and choclate for the good part of a year for my dinner. Not good. Anyway last year I decided I was going to win with it regardless and gained back the control and lost about 30kg so I'm getting there!

    Always try to have a positive attitude about it and think it's wonderful for the people it worked for and I wish I was one of them! :-) I felt like a failure for a long time because I didn't loose any weight for a long time with it. I know it has helped me though.

    Ah, this is sounding confusing! But hopefully you get what I'm trying to say x

  6. I totally get what you're saying Chantel.

    I think a lot of the progress is tied in with my relationship with my surgeon, he is such a nice bloke, nothing is ever too much trouble with him. If I want fill put in he puts it in. If I want it taken out he takes it out. If I feel I am struggling he is only a phone call away. Have you considered seeing another surgeon? If you were in Melbourne I would totally recommend my doctor.

    I also understand about your band being too tight, even with no fill in my old band, it was too tight in the end. I lived on soup for a month prior to surgery. Have you had any tests done to ensure your band hasn't slipped?

    30kg is amazing, you should be very proud. I have this theory about the band and I (and it is only a reflection on me, not anyone else). The band is a tool, much like a gym. It won't magically fix things, and I have to work at it. Some times that means putting fill in, sometimes taking it out.

    If you ever want to chat about it, email me. I am always up for a chat, and know the highs and lows of bandlife very well.



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