Monday, August 23, 2010

Point & Shoot - a New addition to our family

The husband and I are pleased to announce a new bundle of joy to our lives.

Meet Ime (pronounced I-Me).
('scuse the mess, I was attempting to eat lunch whilst setting up)

I originally wanted the 27" version, as in my head, 27" was quite small, until I sat down in JB Hi-Fi in front of the 27" iMac and had to move my head to be able to look at all of the screen. So I decided to downgrade there and then to the top model 21.5". The husband was quite surprised when I said I brought the smaller version, as I had been harping on about NEEDING a 27" iMac since they were released.

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  1. oooooo lucky you!! i need a new computer as m girls dropped my laptop recently and it's threatening to blow up now

    have a great week x

  2. Ohhhh pretty!!! Congratulations :)

  3. one word. JEALOUS. LOL xox

  4. Very nice! Now I just need my Macbook Pro and all will be right with the world.


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