Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New Bling

Last Wednesday I had some time to kill in between doctors appointments, and couldn't think of anything that I needed to do, so I went shopping. As you do.

For my birthday, a month back, my parent's gave me some money, which my mum was most concerned about. She has never given me cash for my birthday, preferring to give me a physical present (even if I have chosen it myself), as she thinks it's the easy way out. However, the cash came with a condition. I couldn't spent it on our house or something for us both to use. It had to be something for 'just me', preferably a piece of jewellery.

I ummm'ed and arrrgh'ed over it for weeks, trying to decide what I wanted. Did I want the matching bow necklace to my earrings? Or did I want an item from the Tiffany Love Notes range? None of them really grabbed me as a gift from my mum. Husband yes. Mum no.
Then I saw this ring, and it reminded it me of my mum, as she always signs cards 'xoxo'. And that was that, I had to have it. I knew there and then, that it was the right gift, and now it takes pride of place on my finger.
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