Monday, August 9, 2010

Point & Shoot - Sunday 8th August

This weekend I spent some time in the local Accident & Emergency ward, you know, just as you do.

Fan-freaking-tastic. See, I have a cold, a slightly slipped band, and a severe case of dehydration. The cold was treated with a massage and Cold and Flu tablets, the band is waiting to be treated next week when my surgeon returns from hospital, and the fluids were treated by an 8 hour stint in a very boring Accident & Emergency ward. So there you go, there's my weekend.

What did you get up to?

PS - I am feeling ok, just a bit slow on my feet and fuzzy in my head. Surprisingly, I am not overly hungry, and surviving on minimal foods. Unfortunately, the foods I can eat right now are not known for being healthy, so I can't see any weight loss benefits this time around :( Not to matter, as long as I am healthy, that is all that matters. Pin It


  1. Oh you poor thing!!! Hope you rest up and feel much better soon x

  2. Wow that is a pretty sucky weekend. Hope you're on the mend soon.

    I did the City2Surf so feeling the effects today...LOL ;-)

  3. Thanks lovlies, I landed myself back in hospital on Tuesday for emergency surgery on my band. Thankfully, I am on the mend now in a very slow and sore manner.

    Chantel, I hope you are feeling better after the C2S


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