Monday, July 4, 2011

Burp Cloths

So I finally found some tiny speck of energy, and made a burp cloth. Or 23. Either one.

I used this tutorial from Homemade By Jill to cut out my fabric. After cutting out a couple by hand, I decided that was too much like hardwork, and stacked them and cut them in one big pile with a rotary cutter.

Stack of fabric and template.

For the backs I was originally going to use minkey fabric, but I decided to be economical and use a heap of terry toweling flat nappies I had brought at some point. I gave them a wash and dry to make them softer (and to pre-shrink them) and gave them a quick iron so they sat flat.

It turned out that I got two burp cloths to one terry flat, so I cut all the terry flats in half.

Now I am the worlds lasiest sewing, and am willing to admit it. So I didn't bother cutting the flats to the required shape, I just sewed the fabric wrong side up directly onto the rectangle, making sure I left an opening at some point to turn it the right side out later on.

When finished I ended up with this. Don't stress too much if the fabric bubbles a bit, as long as it is somewhat flat it is all good.

Then came the horrible task of cutting off the excess. My poor little hands were so sore by the end of it - really do need to invest in proper sewing scissors and not use the kitchen scissors.

Then came the fun (and messy) part of turning them all the right way out. My floor was covered in white fluff!

After one I was left with this - hmmm, not overly pretty, but you get the drift.

Once they were all flipped I gave them a quick press with the iron to flatten the seams

I forgot to photograph a step in here, but I then decided to re-run another seam around the outside to keep them from puffing up in the wash, and hopefully avoiding the iron after washing them. Lets face it, who wants to iron something that is going to be spewed on?

Several hours later I ended up with 23 of these beauties

It was quite an easy thing to make, and considering I used things I already had at home (fabric from my stash and terry flats that I was going to use a spew rags anyway), I was quite happy with the outcome. I even made a few gender specific ones for gifts for friends.
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