Monday, July 25, 2011

Damn You

Remember how I fell in love with this nursery bedding set, and was bitterly disappointed when  discovered that Joel Dewberry had discontinued the Aviary fabric range, and I had to move on?

Well it seems Joel Dewberry has re-released the Aviary range, calling it Aviary II in slightly different colours. Hmmm, how many bedding sets does one small child need when they don't actually use it as bedding?

PS - Joel looks nothing like I ever imagined him to either, he reminds me a bit of Harry from Sex & the City (its the bald head thing). Pin It


  1. The last one is perfect for your, I mean E's, nursery!

  2. lol, how right you are Gab. And that is why I have just purchased some fabric to make some bunting for her room. Figured she didn't need more bedding, but bunting she needs! (because everyone NEEDS bunting ;) )


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