Friday, July 8, 2011

Green Glass Goes

I have never been a fan of the glass around our front door, mainly because 4 panels were green, and one was clear (I presume that it had been replaced). It had a flower pattern in it, which was pretty enough, but a b*tch to clean - especially as the flat side was on the inside rather than the outside, so it stored every little speck of dust that came within a hectare of our house.

This year it was my aim to repaint the door and frame and replace the glass around the door (along with making the front of the house prettier).

Our door went from blue and white to dark grey and white one weekend, and recently I finally got around to getting the glass replaced. It went from this at the start of the year
To this a few days ago.
 (Notice the new weather strip that actually fits the door, they were curtosy of a rodent sighting tantrum).

From the inside it looked like this (notice the green glass at the sides, and clear etched glass in the middle):
 To this:
Oh, and whilst I was sick with a cold a few months back I painted the inside of the door. I was going to do the frame, but then the husband pointed out they would need to remove the timber thingies to replace the glass, so I didn't bother. 

It is a bit hard to tell, but we changed our minds on having clear glass installed, and went with a frosted glass, which is basically the same as what you find in most bathroom windows. There was a whopping $30 difference between the two glasses, and I always planned to get the glass frosted with that film stuff, and it just seemed easier to get it done all in one step.

Now I just need to paint the frame. Any suggestions on colour, the door is Hogs Bristle Full Strength on the door, Hogs Quarter on the inset panels, and the walls are Hogs Half.

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  1. Wow, it looks awesome. Love the grey and white look and the new glass makes a big difference x


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