Friday, April 9, 2010

Bathroom Painting - ALMOST TICK!

Before (these were taken last year prior to the kitchen reno, hence the old lino): 


The flat white paint was a huge mistake in our bathroom. I really don't know what I was thinking when we painted it. I blame it being one of our first renovation gigs!

Given the rest of our house is Dulux Hogs Bristle Half, we decided to paint the bathroom that colour to keep it consistant (it also means we don't have millions of half empty paint tins in the shed - much to the husbands delight, more shed space for him). Our bathroom comes off our kitchen, so to keep things flowing nicely. The green feature wall has stayed, though it needs touching up in a few places. I am still in love with that colour, even after 4 years

So there you go, a freshly painted bathroom. It is a warm and inviting now, rather than clinical and cold feeling, which is a nice change, given we are coming into winter! Now to paint the trim and put the laundry door back on its hinges.

PS - Want to see how our bathroom started out back in 2006? Read it here! Pin It


  1. Your bathroom looks wonderful :)

  2. April I'm so going this color tile when we do our bathrooms. I think white would be really stark in a bathroom. Can you come to my house and go tick tick tick?

  3. Rose, the tiles are actually white, but they have a ripple effect in them, so they seem to throw different colours, depending on the surroundings! The white on white was quite stark in there, especially as the windows are small, and don't let huges amounts of sunshine in.

    But sure, more than willing to come and wave my 'ticking wand' around :)


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