Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Do you want to meet someone awesome?

I am blessed that I have some awesome friends. I am an only child (well I do have 3 step-sibblings, but they are all older than me, and I never lived with them), and classify my closest friends as my family! I would class them as more than family, as the saying goes, "you can choose your friends..."

Anyway, this is Britty. Everyone say "Hi!!!"

Britt and I live several states apart but have one of those friendships where the distance doesn't matter (well, least I don't think it does). We email back and forth daily about all kinds of things, nothing is spared! I feel like I have known Britt my whole life, yet it has only been a few short years! It has even come to the point where the husband knows Britt and her husband as though they are our neighbours!

Anyway, Britt blogs over here about all kinds of things, from her work, to decorating her new house, to her adorable kitty and puppy children! Oh, and shopping. This girl loves to shop!!!

Go on, go visit Britt, and make sure you tell her I sent you :)
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  1. Nice post - it's so great to have a friend like that. The world needs more of them!

  2. Hehehe MWAH right back at ya! xxx

  3. Ohhhhhh ! She is awesome ! and i love her blog :)


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