Thursday, April 29, 2010

A new favourite meal

I have been flat out at work recently, and meal times have been somewhat lacking.

Tonight I made this:

Ok, so that isn't exactly the meal I made, but it is Herb Encrusted Atlantic Salmon. However my version came from a box. Specifically this box
I have to say, it was darn good! And I hate fish with a passion. I seriously never eat it. But something made me want salmon the other day when I was doing the grocery shopping.

Anyway, both the husband and I were impressed at how nice it was, and have decided it will become a regular in our meal rotation!
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  1. Ooooh, thanks for the recommendation! I'm a bit funny about cooking salmon, so I might try this out!

  2. Salmon is so good.

    Thanks for the review of it - I need some ideas for quick healthy meals when I get home from uni at 9pm 2 nights a week. Will have to grab some next shopping trip!


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