Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Window Painting - TICK!

This week at our house it was all about the front window.

It went from this:
To this:

Unfortunately, painting the window frame has shown me how much the rest of the house needs painting! Luckily, I don't have a cherry picker in the back shed, so that was a task for another day!

Yet another thing crossed off the list:
  • Paint the insides of our bedroom window. We currently just keep the sunscreen blind down to cover over it!
  • Whilst the brushes are out, we need to paint the outside of the bedroom window. The olive green is starting to get to me now.
  • Paint around our front door.
  • And paint the arcitrave and skirting boards in the kitchen
  • Whilst we're in the kitchen, we might as well tile.
  • I started painting the Laundry in August, and well, that is as far as it went. I still need to finish painting the rest of the bathroom.

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  1. Excellent! Isn't it great to mark another thing off your to do list! The window looks great and makes a huge difference! xx

  2. Wow, it looks fabulous. So worth it for the difference it's made. yay, for ticking something off the list.

  3. It makes such a difference April. Looks great. :D

  4. I also have been living with a paintbrush in my hand for the last week. At least it's (almost) instant gratification!


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