Thursday, April 8, 2010

Mmmmm, cake!

Last week my sister in law celebrated her 30th birthday. 

Unfortunately we missed her birthday dinner last weekend, as we were at my step brothers wedding, but to make up for this, the husband invited her and her children up for the night and promised to bake her a cake.

Yes, my husband whose idea of baking is buying a cake from Woolies, offered to bake his sister a cake.

This was an offer too good to be true. So she and her two kidlets (her husband was being a super athlete riding in the Murry to Moyne) made the hour drive to our house for the night.

And this is what he presented her with:
A double chocolate mud cake with a thick slathering of cream in the middle, with milk and white chocolate ganache.

What is that picture I hear you ask?
Why it is an Apple symbol for the other nerd in the family!

Oh yeah, this is health food!

Does anyone want some cake? There is still half of it in the fridge, it is so yummy, but waaaaay too rich!
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  1. oh my. can i have a piece?

  2. OMG I wish I hadn't clicked on your blog just then hahaha I WANT CAKE!

  3. I knew from the title that I was going to be jealous! Yum and the apple is so cute!!

  4. What a lovely thing for him to do! And the cake looks great. Rich, but great.

  5. Brit, you should have known better :P

    Kate, you are more than welcome to it, but it is a week old now, and kinda funny looking :S

    The bar has been set high in our house now, I sure hope his mum isn't expecting a cake this week for her birthday!

  6. Mmmmmmm that looks so very good.

    LOVE the apple symbol!


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