Monday, April 12, 2010

Oversize Mirrors

I am loving this black mirror from Mostly Mirrors, but I think I would like it in white.

At 1.25m x 2.17m it would be perfect for our bedroom!

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  1. I love oversize mirrors too. I would have one for every room in the house if I could! xx

  2. We used to have a mirror in our old house back in Adelaide that would have had to have been about 2m wide by 5m high and it was like the white one but in gold. To me, as a little girl, it was huge but I loved it!

  3. Am surfing on google and came across your blog. I am so happy to hear you are a fan of our Wide Ornate mirror.

    The mirror comes in matt white. Yeah!

    I will post our Wide White Ornate mirror on our website over the next few days.

    Best wishes, James from Mostly Mirrors.


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