Monday, May 16, 2011

37 Weeks Pregnant and Finishing Up

This was meant to be a 35 week update, but it kind of got delayed a few times, so lets recap the last few weeks.
me just before my last day of work - sniff.

We elected to do the hospital ante natal classes on two consecutive Saturday mornings. A lot of people have said that they found their hospital classes to be very narrow minded, only explaining the text book cases and pushing of medical intervention, however I didn't find our classes that way at all. I guess it really does depend on your instructor, as ours was lovely and so full of information on all situations. We left feeling a lot more confident that we might just be able to do this whole birth and parenting thing.

Which was rather handy, as at 33 weeks I went into false labour. I woke up one Sunday with contractions that were 5 minutes apart. A quick call to the midwives meant that the husband was making a very quick drive from the farm to home to collect me, and then to the hospital (which is an hour away I might add). My Ob's was contacted and he meet us at the hospital where it was discovered my cervix was firmly clamped shut, but our baby had an elated heartbeat, and my blood pressure was low. There were some firm words spoken to our baby (mainly stay put for a few more weeks) and we spent the day hanging out in a hospital bed with a fetal monitoring device. I elected to go home after dinner when a CGT showed that the babies heartbeat had returned to a normal range over a period of time, and that my blood pressure had gone back to normal. A few days later we found out that it was most likely caused by an internal infection I was carrying and a severe cold I was in the process of getting over.

And to this day our baby has listened and stayed put, except for moving its head right down into my pelvis ready for the big event somewhere around 35-36 weeks. This meant that I have finally been able to breathe properly (oh thank the high heavens). Unfortunately it meant that my fortnightly physio sessions for SPD were now basically useless as there is nothing my wonderful physio can really do for me :(

Development wise we are still measuring a couple of weeks ahead, but then again with a tall husband that was to be expected. I am often seen rubbing my stomach to try and encourage a certain small person to put their elbow or knee back into a place that isn't painful for me. Unfortunately as we continue to grow I continue to be jabbed. All for a good cause, not long to go now.

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  1. Looking gorgeous! At least you got a practice hospital run out of the entire experience. Stay put baby! :)

  2. All the best April for the next few weeks. Glad to hear bub is being and staying put a little longer even though it's pretty uncomfortable now! Can't wait to hear the joyous news soon. xx

  3. Exciting times ahead! Glad you to hear you and bub are well. Look forward to hearing the news when junior does finally arrive. Take care. Ange


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