Monday, May 9, 2011

A Gassy Issue

So we left off with the wait for the gas company to do their thing, and the plumber ordering the heater.

When I rang the gas company I was told it would take 4-6 weeks to have a new connection completed, after which the plumber could install the pipework, and then they would send us the meter for the plumber to install. I kind of expected a bit of a wait, so that was ok, I was more glad that we decided to do this in autumn rather than wait for winter when the baby arrived.

So imagine my surprise when after a week, the gas connection man rang and said he was going to start digging up our lawn that afternoon, and would be back a few days later (it was a Friday) to get the pipes bored under the street to connect our house to the mains.

When that was done, our plumber did his thing and we rang the gas company to order our meter. It was actually when I was sick with a cold and the husband was away, and the very lovely lady at TXU Energy put an urgent status on our metre for me when I explained I was sick, had no heating, and was pregnant. Unfortunately the man who finished the ordering of our metre did not care in the least and maintained he would not be making our metre urgent and we would be waiting for 5 business days for our metre. This was slightly concerning as the plumber was due to come back in 2 days before he went on holidays to finish the job for me.

The husband took a day off work when the plumber was due to come, and was most suprised when the plumber commented about the metre on the side of our house - neither of us had noticed it had been installed the day prior and it had infact arrived as an 'urgent' order!

Anyway, I went to work that day, and came home to this sight

My curtains were hiding a lovely suprise
Rinnai 1004FTR heater!

We just need to have the curtains altered to clear the top of the heater, as currently when it is in use we can't close them. But in the meantime, I am loving our programable heater that switches on 10 minutes before I get out of bed in the morning and automatically turns off when I leave for work at 7.55am each morning. We even have it set up to turn on at 5.20pm each night (I get home at 5.30pm) and off at 10pm each night.

It wasn't cheap (coming in at just under $3,000 fully installed), but it is well worth the cost.

Oh, and there is another fan of the heater in our household Pin It

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