Thursday, May 26, 2011

Bedroom Update

Many, many months ago I wrote a list of things I wanted to finish in 2011.

One of the weekends the husband was working away, whilst heavily pregnant, I decided to hang the three 'thingies' I brought for the wall. I use the term 'thingies' as I really have no idea what you would call them. I think they may have been originally designed as placemats actually, but wall art they became.

The only thing with hanging placemats on the wall is that they don't have any hanging device. I started with super gluing some triangle hooks on the back, but it didn't really work properly. Not to mention that I couldn't find a hook that was suitable. I didn't want to put holes in our wall, just incase I changed my mind on how they looked, so that meant I was limited to only 3M style hooks.

With this in mind, I went for a wander in Bunnings and found these 3M picture tabs.
I wasn't sure how they worked when I brought them, but I was willing to give them a shot. Once I opened the packet and played with them, it made a lot more sense. They are a bit like the spikey bits of velcro, but when pushed together they form a bond and lock together.

I measured the width of our bedroom, marking the centre with a light pencil. I then marked the centre of the bed head, which by some weird stroke of luck, happened to line up with the centre of the room! To find the right spot for the hangings to line up on, I found the centre of the top of the bedhead and the bottom of the cornice. Basically I made one big giant cross on the wall. To make the three decals evenly spaced, I too the measurement of the bedhead, and divided by 4. I marked this on the wall, and got to work on using my stickie 3M things.

All in all,  the stickie picture "hooks" were perfect for the job, as it meant I could put them anywhere on the placemat and it didn't matter about getting a hook and nail to sit straight or level. I am thinking that they would be handy for a number of picture framing functions, especially for a photo gallery wall!

And that is how I came to mark another task off the list!
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  1. Hey, they look great! And so simple...gosh, I wish I had an eye for things like this!

  2. Nice work. Those picture hooks look like a great idea - I'll have to remember them for an upcoming project.

  3. I am obsessed with these 3M hooks and have them all over my house! They are fabulous for hanging as you don't have to put a hole in the wall with a nail and you can move things around whenever you want. Hubby thinks I have shares in the company. The 'thingies' look great! Ange


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