Monday, May 30, 2011


For years I rolled my eyes at the women who said they were nesting just before their babies were born. I openly mocked them. And now I have to openly mock myself and eat humble pie.

It all started when I found it necessary to cook a lot of freezer meals.

And then when I decided I needed to scrub the bathroom tiles to within an inch of their life. Same deal with the oven. And the pantry.

I then became obsessed with cleaning skirting boards and vacuuming behind the bedhead (which was clearly something that I hadn't done in a long time given the bunnies living behind there!)

But the strangest obsession that I developed was the other night whilst soaking in the bath and I had to scream for the husband. He came running thinking I was in labour (ok, clearly I didn't think that one through properly) and then proceed to yell at me when I asked for him to hand me my runners. See, my burning urge that required screaming was that my sneakers were dirty and needed a wash.

So for the next hour I sat there scrubbing my runners with a brush that I use to clean the shower and a bottle of Johnson & Johnson Baby Bedtime Bath. Which I have to say, is an amazing shoe cleaner!
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  1. Too funny! I remember washing our FRONT DOOR before my first daughter was born. And I remember how important it was. And how good it felt afterwards knowing it was done...! MENTAL. Good luck!

  2. I always wanted to get the nesting urge. With my first pregnancy, I got closer and closer to the end, the house got slightly messier and messier (as it does with a woman who can't see the floor, let alone get down there to clean it!!) and I just waited for those beautiful nesting urges....that never arrived.

    I'm hoping this time around, I might get nesty, maybe?

  3. Washing the front door, there is something I haven't done. Might do that tomorrow. Thanks for the tip ;)

    Amy, I would just ignore it if I could, but it is a compulsion. Avoid it at all costs if you can :)

  4. I had to do the pantry and linen press with both pregnancies... oh and the windows, the skirting boards... you get the picture. IN hindsight I should have rested and ejoyed the peace! But tell that to the hormones :)



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